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Alveolar Onlay Grafts

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What is an Alveolar Onlay Graft?

Alveolar Onlay graft treatments recreate bones where teeth have been missing or an area where an infected tooth has destroyed or damaged boney regions of the mouth. The Alveolar Onlay graft is performed in preparation for dental implants.

How is an Alveolar Onlay Graft Done?

During treatment your dentist will use bone from your chin or wisdom teeth and fit the graft to lie over the area of bone deficiency. The bone will then be set in place with special screws that will be removed when the implant is affixed. If there is an extreme bone deficit, the doctor may need to extract bone from a larger bone such as your hip in order to completely restore the jawbone and shape.

Waiting for the bone graft to heal and completely fuse with the jawbone, could take several months. When healing is complete, your surgeon will place the dental implant, and then your general dentist will complete the process by attaching the crown on the implant.

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